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HOUSTON — Houston police are looking for the man who fired shots at a driver in a fit of road rage Monday at Little York and Aldine Westfield. The gunman was wearing what looks like a security guard uniform.

The security guard fires shots at a driver and Sol Uresti captured the chaos from the back of his truck.

“It scared me,” said Uresti. “My reaction was like whoa, we gotta get outta there because you know bullets can fly. ”

The footage shows two drivers arguing, and then the shooter pulls out his gun and fires multiple times.

“With the security guard approaching the lady’s vehicle and he just started busting at him, I really think it’s totally uncalled for, it’s a better way to resolve situations,” said Shannon Harmon who saw the video on Facebook.

Houston Police Department officers arrived ten minutes later and the scene was cleared. The man who fired the shots could be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

HPD is still looking for the shooter in that video and fortunately nobody was hurt.