HOUSTON (KIAH) The traditional Mexican norteño roots run deep for La Fiera de Ojinaga. The group formed in 2012 with plans to only record an album for themselves, but quickly gained a following in both the United States and Mexico. In 2013, they signed a recording contract with Azteca Records. This five-member band has released over 10 albums and shows no signs of slowing down. Their song, “Imposible y Prohibido,” has become one of the most viewed YouTube videos on the Azteca Music Group channel.

Their track, “La Luna de Miel,” earned them their first No. 1 on a Billboard Chart in 2022. With over 100 songs, fans are excited to see them in concert. They have over 680 thousand monthly Spotify listeners and over 200 million views on YouTube. The group’s Chihuahua-style music combined with their high-energy stage presence, brings fans from all over to their live shows. La Fiera de Ojinaga are well respected by the Regional Mexican music community and loved by many.

They will be making their debut RODEOHOUSTON® performance on Sunday, March 12, as part of Go Tejano Day.


TOP FIVE SONGS: “La Boca Les Callamos,” “No Paras de Hacerme Feliz,” “Te Vas a Acordar de Mi,” “En Otro Canal,” “Vacío”