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SANTA FE, Texas — Santa Fe is getting stronger! Parents are stepping up and taking action to protect students with a new safety squad program.

The Parents on Patrol Squad also known as POPS is on call for the Santa Fe ISD Police Department.

The volunteer program encourages parents to put boots on the ground by getting involved with school safety and security.

Sonia Lopez has five daughters attending Santa Fe ISD including 16-year-old Sarah Salazar, who’s still recovering from multiple gunshot wounds.

“It means having more eyes and ears on the school, to protect the children along with the school police. Parents can tell if something is wrong and when other kids might be afraid to tell others…then can tell us,” Lopez said.

With all eyes on Santa Fe high school, Salazar says the first day of school was normal. However, it’s going to take some time getting used to all the new faces on campus and the metal detectors.

[Bonus! Sarah Salazar’s sister tells us about the first day of school with metal detectors]