GALVESTON, Texas (KIAH) The hotels are full, and the beaches are packed.

Memorial Day weekend may be the unofficial start of summer, but it’s officially a good one for Galveston’s tourism industry.

Senior Public Relations Manager for Visit Galveston Mary Beth Bassett says that’s a good thing for the island’s economy as a whole.

She said that tourism supports one out of every three jobs in Galveston, so a busy tourist season is important.

For visitors looking to book hotels, Bassett says it’s the earlier the better.

Over Memorial Day weekend, hotels were booked solid 48-hours out.

Don’t let brown water fool you

Some tourists to Galveston are put off by the color of the seawater which was actually a pleasant shade of green over the holiday weekend.

While it’s normally a brownish color, an educational organization on the island says that doesn’t mean it’s dirty.

Kristen Keane with Bucket Brigade says the fine silt along the floor of the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston beaches and the shallow water depth combine to create the murkiness — not contaminants.

She also urges beachgoers not to be concerned about the seaweed that floats in the water and washes up on the sand explaining it’s harmless to humans but very helpful to small aquatic animals.

Leave no trace

The Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees wants to make sure tourists are aware of an ordinance regarding tents, canopies, chairs, and other beach equipment.

You’re not allowed to leave those items on the beach overnight.

Workers will patrol beaches collecting those items in the early morning hours.

The board also hopes you’ll notice the toy boxes that are set up at several beaches.

Toys left on the beach that are still in good condition get collected and placed in the bins for other children to use.

Onion bag-style trash bags are also available at those locations for you to use if you forgot to bring some to the beach with you.