DALLAS (KDAF) — A study from Social Catfish found that a record $547 million was lost in 2021 due to catfishing or romance scams. What states were hit the hardest by these scams? Well, the Lone Star State made its way into the top three.

Social Catfish found, that even with increased awareness of these types of scams, data from the government shows that Americans lost nearly $550 million in 2021, up from $304 million in 2020. California, Florida, Texas, New York and Washington made it into the top five of this unfortunate category.

Texas, according to the study, had nearly 1,800 victims of catfishing and reportedly lost over $65 million for an average of $37,346 lost per victim. Be sure to check out the full study here to learn more about their findings and what type of romance scams are running around.