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MESQUITE, Texas – Texas Attorney General  Ken Paxton wants some north Texas school districts to hand over their e-mails about elections and he’s filed a public records request.

Paxton specifically wants emails from the last six months with keywords “election, Texas legislature, vote or voting  and any emails that mention Texas candidates by name.”

Mesquite ISD says it’s done nothing wrong, but is scrambling to fulfill his request.

“If there was something that we did wrong , it would be great if they would just point that out to us and let us know,” said Laura Jobe.

Paxton requested the files as a private citizen, not as the AG. That means, no explanation is necessary but he isn’t saying why he wants the e-mails.

One SMU professor thinks this is voter suppression,  plain and simple.

“State funding for schools in Texas has been declining for more than a decade,” said Cal Jillson. “Superintendents and principals and teachers are trying to push back against that.”

Paxton and his wife Angela, a former guidance counselor, is running for the Texas senate.

While it isn’t entirely clear why he wants the emails, only districts in north Texas are being scrutinized. The same area of the state his wife wants to represent.

It is alleged that paxton has already loaned his wife’s campaign $2 million which has led to even more speculation on collusion.



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