Texas falling behind other states in vaccinating people against COVID-19


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HOUSTON (CW39) — All U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico have now made all adults over the age of 16 eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, meeting President Biden’s April 19th deadline.

The U.S. is leading the charge worldwide in getting its population vaccinated, with 22.2% of the country — who have received both vaccine doses. But, there are some states doing a better job administering the vaccine and others that are falling behind.

Texas is one of those states falling behind in vaccinating its residents, according to a new report from QuoteWizard®, a LendingTree company. Health analysts found that 19.9%, or 5,758,786 of Texans, are fully vaccinated. These recent figures make Texas the #44 vaccinated state in the nation.

Georgia, Utah and Alabama have the lowest rates of vaccinated residents — each with less than 17% of their respective total populations vaccinated. New York, one of the states hit hardest in 2020, has since distributed 14,459,595 vaccines. Of those vaccines, the state has administered 12,242,726 so far. As of early April, New York has vaccinated 25.3% of its total population, ranking it 14th for overall vaccination rates for its state residents.

On the other hand, New Mexico, Rhode Island and South Dakota have the highest numbers out of their total residents who are fully vaccinated. New Mexico administered the highest rate of vaccines of its distribution at 88.5%.

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