Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces Phase 2 for reopening Texas


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Phase 2 of reopening Texas.

He started today’s announcement with a primary concern for our senior citizens. The elderly have lead the increase of COVID-19 deaths across Texas and continues to encourages the elderly to stay home. Testing continues around the clock at nursing homes across the state with support from a designated testing team.

Aside, Gov. Abbott said that in the last 3 weeks, state government health agencies have boosted capabilities to fight COVID-19.

We have more PPE and are distributing 1 million masks a day. Testing as also increased to 20,000 tests a day.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

The Governor is looking at three focal points with regard to reopening Texas.

  • Nursing homes – Testing at every one in Texas continues
  • Jails – Identifying inmates with COVID-19 and isolating continues
  • Meat packing plants are the main hotspots. Amarillo area primarily.

With regard to the hotspot focal areas, flare ups are contained in a matter of two weeks so the next two weeks will be very important in containing the current situation in these critical areas.

As of now the Positivity Rate across Texas is in a downward trajectory.

Metrics from the Office of Governor Greg Abbott

Another key metric is hospitalizations, which is also under capacity and in slight decline.

Metrics from the Office of Governor Greg Abbott

As for Phase 2 of reopening Texas, decisions were made based on this medical data and the advice from medical doctors.

IN DEPTH – Phase 2 of reopening Texas

As for contact tracing, we’re ramping up on case tracing. They will need a workforce of 4K to make it happen. Web based application is still be developed to tie their data into that system. Not able to do tracing on every single positive case at this time.

When asked about unemployment: “It’s too high and unacceptable.” However, Texas has the lowest numbers of unemployment among largest states. In order to put Texans back to work, we have to continue safe and social distancing.

Stay safe so we can open up and get more folks back to work!

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