Texas Governor urgently efforting resolve for loss of power, water


Power lines. Getty Images

HOUSTON (CW39) The Texas Office of Emergency Management’s Nim Kidd, Thursday, discussed the need for bigger and better generator power for the State of Texas.

Water is a major concern for Texans as many cities and counties are under boil water notices. With an additional concern for power, Kidd is asking for additional generators to modernize and reinforce the system.

“Putting a generator on a church or a nursing home or a hospital that doesn’t already have one isn’t already built for one, it’s not as simple as going to Lowe’s or Home Depot and plugging into an extension cord and getting power. So we will continue to work with those facilities that did not prepare ahead of this storm to have the transfer switches installed,” Kidd said.

Kidd is also working on bringing in meals for people.

He adds that it’s hard to demonstrate how much damage there is for the federal disaster declaration, but numbers will likely mounting after this week’s weather and events.


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