Texas leads in hot car deaths – 4YO Vidor boy is 18th nationwide this year

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VIDOR, Texas – A 4-year-old boy from Vidor, Texas, has died after being left inside a hot car for several hours on Saturday.  

Texas ranks #1 in the nation based on the number of hot car deaths involving children, with 140 fatalities since 1991.

Nationwide, the last two years were the worst years in history for child hot car deaths with a total of at least 107 children that died nationwide. 

This year, KidsAndCars.org has documented 18 fatalities nationwide. “We are currently much lower than the average number of hot car deaths for this time of year due to the pandemic, but we are concerned that the numbers will increase as routines continue to shift and families begin going back to work,” said Amber Rollins, Director of KidsAndCars.org.

About 56% of hot car deaths are the result of children being unknowingly left in vehicles.

Amber Rollins, Director of KidsAndCars.org

The Hot Cars Act is a federal bill that would require available, affordable technology to detect the presence of a child inside a vehicle to come as standard equipment on all motor vehicles.  KidsAndCars.org is working with parents whose children have died in hot cars to make sure it is passed quickly. 

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