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HOUSTON– The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas is overflowing with cute critters!

“It’s amazing how many animals we have right now. We have over 300 more this year than we had last year,” said Executive Director, Sharon Schmalz.

So why the sudden increase of wildlife in need?

“Being that Houston is one of the fastest growing cities people coming into the area, more concrete in the area, so wildlife is trying to find its place and we’re always gonna have wildlife around. It’s ok that you saw a opossum in your yard, in fact you’re lucky that you saw a opossum in your yard! They’re eating those poisonous snakes, those rats, those mice that you don’t want there. We need those animals in our environment, so trying to co-exist is so important.”

The center cares for more than 10,000 injured, sick and orphaned animals per year.

With all these baby animals they could use a little extra support right now.

To find out ways to support the Wildlife Center of Texas and how you can help care for the critters of H-town visit the Wildlife Center of Texas.