DALLAS (KDAF)- There are many ways to style your hair in Texas, from big hair, box braids, or layered hairstyles, but what is their favorite?

The blog website AllThingsHair recently conducted a survey to determine the hairstyles that are the most popular in each state. The results of the survey revealed a wide variety of hair trends across the United States.

The top three hairstyles were box braids, body wave perm, and Balayage. So, do women in Texas US prefer braids, curls, or colors for their everyday looks? Welp, Texas women are in favor of permed looks.

AllThingsHair said, “By far, the most popular hairstyle in the country is the perm. Our research found that a total of 33 states listed this as their most popular hairstyle. Perms are the hairstyle/hair process of choice across the entire West Coast—in fact, everywhere from Texas to Oklahoma to Kansas to California, along with both Alaska and Hawaii. They’re also the most popular style in almost all of the northern states, stretching from Washington and Oregon in the west to Pennsylvania and Virginia in the east”.