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New Braunfels, Texas – A transgender woman in Texas is still seeking justice for a brutal beating that took place three years ago. Her attacker isn’t facing charges and has never been arrested. Now, she’s speaking out.

Aliah Hernandez spent six days in the ICU after going on a date with a man who attacked her at a motel when she told him she was trans. She says, “He told me, I hate homosexuals and I’m going to finish with your life. I don’t want nobody to know that I was here with you.”

Hernandez was beat unconscious and left for dead. She says her attacker even took her phone and tried to delete any evidence they met. The police report says Hernandez told police, “he hit me with everything.”

Hernandez needed extensive plastic surgery including having her ear reattached. The medical bills totaled more than $20,000.

Yet three years later, the man responsible is still free. Hernandez says, “That’s why I’m doing this because we need to fight for our rights and for justice. Because we need to be treated like everyone else.”