Truck carrying huge shipment of Axe deodorant catches on fire and explodes near small Texas town

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BELTON, Texas- Talk about getting the Axe! A smelly problem became explosive after a semi-trailer truck hauling a shipment of Axe Body Spray caught on fire near I-35 in Belton, Texas on Friday morning.

The truck driver didn’t exactly ‘find his magic’ since the fire caused cans of the deodorant to explode and spray all across the interstate!

It didn’t take long for the aerosol cans to set off one massive blaze as the Bell County Sheriff’s Department got the call about the burning truck at 3:39 a.m.

The flames were so intense, the asphalt highway was reduced to just gravel after the truck exploded.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but it wasn’t exactly ‘love at first sniff.’

The interstate had to be shut down for hours since both the northbound and southbound lanes became covered with burned Axe cans.

HazMat crews had to be called in to remove the smelly debris and get traffic moving again.

“Just be patient,” Belton Police Deputy Chief Larry Berg said. “We can’t predict something like this is going to happen, but we do try to respond really well. The partnerships really worked out well, and the traffic is flowing pretty smooth.”

Of course, the fire demonstrated that once engulfed in flames, the body spray gives off a much different ‘Axe Effect’ than advertised!

One thing that came out of the incident: the whole town of Belton smells a lot different now!

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