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CRESSON, Texas — Emergency crews battled a fire southwest of the metroplex in Cresson for hours after workers say a spark caused a chemical fire at a Tri-Industries Plant.

“We sent crews out, and as soon as they got out there, they called for help,” said Mayor Bob Cornett.

Inside the plant water or solids are blended with highly concentrated chemicals.

12 people were in the area when the explosion happened and two were sent to the hospital with injuries.

One man says his brother is still missing.

“Hours. It’s been hours and no one’s heard from him or seen him,” he said. “He had to have been right where it started, because they said that he kind of kicked something out of the way and it started a spark that ignited the vapors.”

At this point, crews are planning to let the fire burn out.

Teams in charge say the fumes coming from the flames are toxic, but there aren’t homes nearby.

For now, emergency teams are keeping the blaze contained, and everyone is hoping that final worker is found somewhere safe.