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MONTGOMERY, Texas — At least two men have been arrested and charged after deputies spotted suspicious activity at a closed gas station Monday night in Montgomery, the sheriff’s office said.

Angel Gonzalez Valdemira, 30, and Johnny Cabrera, 41, are charged with unlawful use of a criminal instrument. Investigators said a third suspect left the scene before being arrested.

Investigators said deputies saw the suspects standing near a red Dodge Charger and a white Chevrolet Suburban at the Exxon Gas Station in the 21100 block of Eva Street. The vehicles were parked with hoods up at the gas pumps.

As deputies drove by, they watched a third man standing across the street on the phone at the Ole Antique Store, which is also a closed business. It appeared the man at the Ole Antique Store, was the “look out” for the men at the Exxon Gas Station.

As officers approached the vehicles left the location.

A Montgomery Police Department officer was able to stop the red Charger for a traffic offense at Highway 105 and Lonestar Parkway.  The Suburban was found by a deputy in the 26866 block of Highway 105 West.

Valemira and Cabrera, who were in the Suburban, were interviewed and gave inconsistent statements about why they were at the closed gas station. Officers searched the vehicle and found black rubber gloves with superglue, tools that could be used to access gas pumps, gas pump integrity seals, and a computer.

Deputies also inspected the gas pumps and found them to be superglued closed and two “skimmer” devices were found in the wiring of the pump.

“Being proactive and working together is what led to these felons being apprehended, ” Sheriff Rand Henderson said. ” Credit Card skimmers are difficult crimes to investigate, but thanks to the team effort taken by our law enforcement agencies we now have two that will answer for their crimes.”