WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – It’s a busy start to Tax-Free Weekend at Richland Mall, with many shoppers ready to get a bag to kick off the school year!

A&M – Central Texas Accounting Professor Dr. Rob Tennant says school materials are going to be eight-to-ten percent higher this year than in 2021.

To offset taxes and inflation, Tennant recommends avoiding large ticket item purchases like tablets and laptops. Shoppers can also look for the best value by checking out local and chain stores – and by shopping online, as well.

In the end, Tennant says the best thing to do before buying anything is to make a list: “It’s always best to start with a list, because otherwise you’re tempted by the the shiny items on the end cap, which always blows the budget. Make sure that you have a list, and a lot of the school districts have a list of things that the kids will need for school.”

Angela Beachum, owner of Angela B’ Boutique, says shoppers are still coming in despite inflation.

“We’re seeing a lot of traffic here in the Richland Mall taking advantage of the Tax-Free Weekend, and we’ve seen a lot of customers here coming in on a Friday,” said Beachum.

Even commercial stores are busy at the register.

“Everybody is coming in here, getting a nice pair of jeans for, like, Friday night football games for the upcoming fall,” said Cade Dickerdike, intern at Buckle.

With no taxes, many stores are having special sales to help families save money.

“This is the best time to take advantage of shopping this weekend,” said Beachum. “Not because it’s only tax-free, because we have new arrivals for the back to school.”

“We actually have a lot of specialty-priced products right now,” said Emma Erickson, Buckle assistant manager. “It’s the last chance to get it, so be sure and get it now before it runs out.”

Don’t forget, Tax-Free Weekend ends this Sunday – so be sure to come out and get your savings before it’s too late!

For any questions on what’s eligible for Tax-Free Weekend, you can find a list by clicking here.