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HOUSTON — The Council on American-Islamic Relations is speaking out after the Supreme Court voted in support of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

CAIR-Houston is the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization.

“The decision seems to have given Trump a free hand in passing discriminatory policies when it comes to immigration, and particularly from our faith group,” CAIR Houston attorney Arsalan Safiullah suggested.

Officials say many Americans in the Muslim community are concerned they won’t be able to leave the country for fear of not being able to re-enter….just because the High Court’s ruling was so broad.

“It’s definitely been challenging and hard not to know when can you see your father again,” Montra Yazdani, whose father in Iran is affected by the travel ban, said.

“I was disappointed that the Supreme Court ignored the statements that Trump made while he was running for president and also some statements that he made later,” Safiullah shared.

But the ruling did not give the president unlimited powers— it just simply recognized his executive authority to craft travel restrictions where national security or other factors may play a role in determining travel regulations.

So where do we go from here?

Looks like the ball’s in the president’s court.