HOUSTON (KIAH) — Texas may not have a state income tax, but it does have property taxes, and they have been rising for the last 10 years.

Many state homeowners have seen their taxes rise as the state’s tax burden goes up. But the amount you pay depends on where you live in the state, and the appraisal value of your real estate and other property in your area and county. Also, local municipalities and school districts can affect your property tax rate.

The median property tax for the state of Texas is $2,275, which is a rate of 1.66%. According to the Tax Foundation, Texas currently has the sixth-highest property tax rate in the country.

So where in Texas are the property taxes the highest? According to the Tax Foundation, three counties, Collin County, Fort Bend County and Travis County, have median property taxes that exceed $6,000.

Collin County, which is a suburban county north of Dallas, has a median tax estimation of $6,377. Fort Bend County, which is a suburban county southwest of Houston, has a median tax cost of $6,186. And Travis County, where the state capitol of Austin is, has a median tax cost of $6,157.

Both Collin and Fort Bend counties have seen huge growth in their populations, which has exceeded the need for more schools and resources in those counties.

The two counties that neighbor Travis County, Hays and Williamson counties, also have high property taxes, with median costs at $5,820 for Williamson County and $5,365 for Hays County.

Another DFW suburban county, Denton, is also high with a median cost of $5,651.

Other counties with high property taxes include Kendall County ($4,870), Montgomery County ($4,504) and Tarrant County ($4,066).

The good news for homeowners and property owners is that the Texas Legislature is working on a $12 billion package to lower future property taxes.

But for right now, all taxpayers can do is protest the appraisal of their property and try and get their property tax lowered. They have until May 15 to file a protest with their district’s appraisal board.