Will Texas drivers be saying goodbye to annual safety inspections?

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HOUSTON, TX- Could the Lone Star state be saying “sayonara” to a long-standing Texas tax?

For most Texans, our cars are our lifeline, but who doesn’t dread those annual inspections?

Well, a few Texas Senators feel your pain.

Senate Bill 1588 would eliminate mandatory vehicle safety inspections for Texas drivers.

Written by Senator Don Huffines, the bill is also sponsored by Senators Charles Perry and John Whitmire.

“It’s something that I want to hear more about so I support the idea. Perhaps it’s something that the public should not have to pay. I think the burden is on the state of Texas and the repair shops to show us why, because many states do it successfully without. It’s kind of more personal responsibility,” Whitmire said.

Texas is one of only 16 states to still have this 66-year-old law in place. But without safety inspections, are Texans at a higher risk for dangers while driving?

“I obviously am concerned about public safety and as the bill continues under consideration. I’ll see what’s the backup system. Maybe we don’t need annual inspections maybe every two years,” said Whitmire.

The tax cut would amount to approximately $150 million, and currently Texans lose approximately 9 million hours a year getting their safety inspections!

And we all know, time is money y’all!


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