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One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind and a day we will never forget.

July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Morning Dose will be bringing you stories celebrating the impact of that mission still has here in the Houston area and around the country.

For one community in Seabrook that impact is part of their foundation. We talked to some of its residents about what this anniversary means to their neighborhood.

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Scott Carpenter and John Glenn are just a few names in the Timber Cove subdivision record book.

Jennifer Carr starts the tour of her home with two posters, both featuring an comic astronaut, the name of a legend and the proclamation “An Astronaut Lived Here.”

“It’s kind of neat, you know,” Carr said. “Not many people can say that an astronaut lived in their house.”

Growing up in Timber Cover, for Carr, living in a house once owned by Aldrin or Lovell is just what it means to be part of the neighborhood.

“I met a lot of astronauts as kids playing, and it was just like ‘oh you’re so-and-so’s dad, nice to meet you,'” she said.

For Carr, it’s part of her history, too. Her father is Gerald P. Carr, commander of Skylab 4.

“It was 1973-1974, he was up for 84 days,” Carr said. “At the time, his crew set records for space habitation.”

The small town was accustomed to drawing tourists and reporters who all wanted to meet an astronaut.

“In those early days, this place was full of tourists and reporters… about the space race,” Deborah Griffin said.

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing coming up, those crowds are making their way back.

“It’s interesting to me, as a person who`s lived here a very long time to see that happening again,” Griffin said.

From the pool shaped like a Mercury space capsule to the backyard that hosted the neighborhood crab boils,
residents say they understand the appeal of a quick tour of Timber Cove’s history.

“To us it was everyday life, but you know I’m so proud of my dad and what he did,” Carr said. “It’s hard to talk, it’s hard to mention, hard to talk about it, make everyone know how important it was to me.”

Timber Cove is hosting anniversary events all week in honor of Apollo 11.