Timeline of water pressure and outage


Wassertropfen aus dem Wasserhahn, Nahmaufnahme mit Makro

BELLAIRE, TX (CW39) We are aware that there has been a lot of confusion regarding the changes that have happened to the City’s drinking water service. The City staff has created this timeline to explain further the sequence of events that have occurred over the past few days that they hope will clear up any confusion.

• Feb. 15 – 1:00 AM: The City of Houston stopped surface water to the Central well site, according to our meter logs, which tabulate how much water we are receiving from the City of Houston (COH).

– Houston water at Feld Park was reduced significantly, though not entirely at around the
same time. No notification was provided by COH.
– Usually, this is not a problem as through the three Bellaire wells. We can maintain
pressures and volumes consistent with TCEQ requirements and expectations of residents.
The staff managed the situation until the mandatory power outages began to occur and
the 2nd night of below 32 weather overnight on the 15th and into the 16th.

Feb. 15 – 9:30 PM: Low water pressure at the fire station reported, PW investigates but no leaks identified, fire hydrant tested on Jessamine showed satisfactory pressure. Thereafter a series of issues were discovered at the three well sites.
• Low Pressure Calls Received: PW investigates all calls and utilizes fire hydrant testing to verify pressure.
– As the water main lines were all performing well, it was determined that the issue was likely with the service lines which run from the main line to a home or business
– Smaller diameter lines are more prone to freezing than larger lines, and service lines are buried fairly shallow as they approach the home –

• Feb. 16 – Evening: Boil water notice issued to residents

City Well Sites Overview as of February 17, 2021

Well 6 (Renwick):
• Power restored
• One booster pump is operating and producing 1500 GPM.
• Water pressure should start to rise in the City.
• The chemical feed lines which are part of the water treatment process are frozen.
– Boil Water Notice needs to stay in effect.
– The department is working to thaw the chemical feed lines.
– Uncertain if power will be cut again or not. If so, pressure improvements will be
diminished somewhat.

Well 3 (Central):
• One pump running
• Staff will slowly implement a second pump as pressure rises
– The ground storage tank at the facility needs to be full before the second pump is
activated. Hopefully, this will occur within the next couple of hours
• The chemical feed lines are frozen, staff working to thaw them out
• Still not getting any surface water from the City of Houston at this site
Well 5 (Feld Park):
• One booster pump is running
• Intermittent surface water from Houston has helped with the pressure situation as well.
• Only 400 PSI is being furnished when the regular pressure is typically closer to 2000.
• Chemical feed lines are frozen, staff working to thaw them out

Each well is partially operational, but two of the three could lose power at any time through the mandated outages we have all been experiencing. The complete lack of water from the City of Houston at the central well is a big issue relative to system pressure. According to our contacts at the City of Houston and news reports, Houston will begin sending more water to its municipal customers as soon as this evening. The water pressure should start to rise throughout Bellaire this evening/overnight and into tomorrow. With the chemical feed lines frozen, and the system pressure under 30 PSI, we will need to keep the boil water notice in place. Once chemical feed lines are thawed and pressure restored, it will take at least a day to flush the system, which will allow us to lift the boil water notice. Please take precautions as needed to repair your own systems. Please contact Public Works if you feel you need assistance.



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