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There’s an extreme sports craze that is taking the world by storm and you may be able to get in on the action, right here in Houston!

American Ninja Warrior is a television show that has become a movement of fitness fanatics. Men and women around the country are going all out to set up homemade or elaborate obstacle courses at their homes, gyms and anywhere they can, so they can become Ninjas.

“It’s literally a giant playground for adults,” Josh Salines said. “You can’t get anything better than this.”

“It’s a great challenge physically and mentally that`s why I love it,” Tremaine Dortch

It`s a workout too. Just come in, play around and get a really good workout out of it,” Nick Fordney said.

Houston is home to several competitive Ninja Warriors that practice at Iron Sports. They consider what they do not just exercise, but a way of life that continues to grow.

“The community of ninjas is growing slowly, but it’s become something where we all can kind of give each other calls, train together. And it’s really really nice knowing we have a support group like this where we can come in and train and be friends. Be a family together,” Salines said.

Even kids are getting in on the obstacle action.

“It’s such a great social experience for them, great exercise, great workout for them. Most importantly for me, it teaches them that they aren’t going to succeed on their first try. So they come hear, learn how to fail and overcome adversity and I think they are better for it,” parent Jeff Scace said.

The three ninjas featured in this video are currently competing in season 11 of American Nina Warrior, which will be out soon.