UHD | Climate week 2021 starts today


Mayor Turner kicks off Houston Climate Week with a conversation about climate change and the vision for a resilient and sustainable future for all Houstonians.

HOUSTON (KIAH) – The second annual Houston Climate Week starts this week. It is hosted by the Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Sustainability. Mayor Turner will be one to open the conversation on today’s first session, addressing climate change and adaptation.  

Each day panelists from all ages and backgrounds will have the opportunity to shed light on what was quite literally dark times for Houstonians. Building a resilient power grid, reducing landfill waste, and bridging the equity gap during a weather crisis are all topics that are to be covered over the course of the week.  

This evening at 6:00pm Stephen Brown, Interim CEO of Clean Energy Fund of Texas will be speaking on the panel. I was lucky to touch base with him beforehand, for some insight on this event and what we will be discussing.

Stephen says, “It is important that we talk about some of the issues relating to not leaving communities behind. I think what we saw during the winter storm, and what we see every summer are communities that don’t have to means to access the capital to be able to receive the investments they need to be able to survive in times of extreme weather…”.

Being able to reside and feel safe in your own home after a crisis is a point that we are trying to achieve for everyone. February’s winter storm… Harvey…. all lessons that we can learn from moving forward. The climate is changing whether we like it or not.  

To participate in the discussion, you can go online and sign up! Everyone is asked to join. There will be the opportunity to submit your own questions through a portal while the event is going on.

LIVE registration link: To reserve a ‘virtual seat’, guests are asked to register for the free conference at  https://www.uhd.edu/administration/university-relations/Pages/houston-climate-week-2021.aspx

Here is the full list of topics to be covered this week:

Monday, November 15: 

  • Opening Session: Climate Change and Adaptation 
  • Urban Heat 
  • Building a Legacy of Equity: Opportunities and Challenges for Weatherization Programs to Advance Climate Equity and Justice for Houston Residents

Tuesday, November 16: 

  • Houston Leaders Electrifying Our Transportation System 
  • Talking Trash: How to reduce landfill waste? 

Wednesday, November 17: 

  • Energy 2.0: More Green Jobs and Economic Development Opportunities for Houston 
  • Community and Youth Climate Action: Voices of the Next Generation of Houstonians 

Thursday, November 18: 

  • Never Again: Pathways to a Green and Resilient Texas Grid 
  • Taking Back the Streets: Designing Cities for People, Not Cars 

Friday, November 19: 

  • Federal Infrastructure Plan: Opportunities for Houston, climate adaptation and the future 

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