COVID Candids: Photographer shoots free socially distant portraits for her community

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CYPRESS – Tiffany Hughes is a resident of Bridgeland in Cypress and a photography hobbyist.

During the coronavirus quarantine she wanted to bring a smile to her neighbors’ faces. So, she decided to do it one snapshot at a time.

 Hughes decided to give away free family photo shoots that she called “Social Distancing Photography” on her Facebook page. The response was overwhelming, she shot 28 families over two days, from 6 feet (or more) away, many in their driveways, on their front porch, and many open, natural green spaces in Bridgeland.

Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe caught up with Hughes as she was shooting senior pictures for her neighbor.

To see more of Hughes’ work, visit her Facebook page:


CW39’s Maggie Flecknoe on Twitter



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