Galveston Bay is beautiful but is it safe? Meet the group working yearlong to ensure that it is

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Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe straps into a life jacket and hits the open water with members of the Galveston Bay Foundation. The organization and its volunteers are committed to the lifelong project of keeping Galveston Bay clean and inhabitable for both local wildlife and millions of human visitors. Learn how you can help protect the health of Galveston Bay from home water conservation to using reusable water bottles. The bay appears to be healthy on the surface, but for several years, the foundation has worked with Houston Advanced Research Center to evaluate water quality, human health and safety, fishing and resources. It’s called the Galveston Bay Report Card. Maggie speaks with Advocacy Programs Manager T’Noya Thompson and Water Programs Manger Sarah Gossett Robinson ahead of the 2018 Galveston Bay Report Card, which will be publicly released Aug. 28. Thompson said this latest evaluation will give insight into the impact hurricane Harvey has had on the bay.

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