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WEST HOUSTON – Goode Co. restaurants are slowly reopening around our area. But before the 350 employees can return to work, they must take a COVID-19 test. Goode Co. is providing the tests for free to its employees.

“We have the utmost care for our staff members’ health and safety, so we decided to offer free tests to better serve,” said Levi Goode, President of Goode Co. restaurants.

He reached out to his friend Dr. Toby Hamilton of Houston-based primary and urgent care micro-clinic operator Hamilton Health Box, and the two worked together to provide the free COVID-19 testing.

“We took the two best tests on the market and tested every single one of their employees,” said Dr. Hamilton. “We used both an anti-body test and a PCR test so that we could correlate the two tests together. And that gave us a security at least for the short term.”

Goode Co. is also taking other precautions. Along with the testing, staff members are being checked for fevers and will be asked to answer a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention questionnaire before every shift. They then will be given a wrist band, so everyone knows inside of the restaurants that they have been cleared. The staff is also wearing masks and gloves.

Since starting the testing, Goode Co. has been able to open seven of its locations. Inside tables are six feet apart, and they are serving at 25% capacity.

Goode says he is thankful to reopen. Since being forced to close amid the coronavirus pandemic sales have been down 85%.

“It’s unprecedented. We have been through oil busts and hurricanes. But this is far beyond anything that I have ever experienced. We’re happy to have 25% of our dining rooms open and have a few trickles in to return to some type of normalcy as Houstonians,” said Goode.

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