Houston Happenings: Mother & Daughter Asian Elephants at Houston Zoo Pregnant

Houston Happenings

HOUSTON (CW39) — The Houston Zoo made a loveable announcement just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Zoo is expecting two HUGE deliveries this spring, baby elephants. Mother and daughter Asian elephants Tess and Tupelo are expected to deliver their babies within a few weeks of each other. Both will give birth after being pregnant for two years! First up is 10-year-old Tupelo followed by her mother, 37-year-old Tess.

Tupelo will be a first-time mother, and her pregnancy is the result of artificial insemination since she is related to all the male elephants at the Zoo. Tess is an experienced mother to Tucker (15), Tupelo (10), and Tilly (2). Her calf’s father is 55-year-old Asian elephant Thailand.

Zoo officials are optimistic that both pregnancies are advancing normally and on schedule. Both have received nearly two years of pre-natal care by the Zoo’s elephant and veterinary teams with regular ultrasounds and blood work.  The Zoo team will continue to monitor them as they progress into the labor process, indicated by a hormonal change in daily blood analysis.

For updates on Tupelo and Tess’s pregnancies, visit www.houstonzoo.org.

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