HOUSTON (KIAH) – Houston Happens host Maggie Flecknoe has a show filled with special guests LIVE in studio!

Friday, May 12th is a big day for Miller Outdoor Theatre! It marks 100 years of the Houston mainstay and there will be a magical celebration. Cissy Seagall Davis, Managing Director for the Miller Theatre Advisory Board is LIVE with more.

Speaking of magic and events in Houston, Unicorn World, an immersive, interactive and themed experience for all ages, will come to Houston on May 12-14 at George R. Brown Convention Center, located at 1001 Avenida De Las Americas. One of the founders, Patrick Mines, is LIVE in studio with the concept and details.

And with Mother’s Day approaching, there’s no better gift than prioritizing your own mother-daughter relationships. Joining us LIVE is Lacey Tezino, founder of Passport Journeys. They also have two specials for CW39 Houston viewers.

  1. Mother-Daughter Pairs of all ages looking for a unique experience right here in Houston can book a glamping reservation for one night at a local campsite. The purpose is to unplug and focus on bonding with one another over magazines, girl talk, painting, a campfire, smores, etc. Visit www.motherdaughterglamping.com and use the code cw39mom at checkout for $50 off of your first reservation. 
  1. Adult Mother-Daughter pairs looking for extra support with their relationship can download our Teletherapy app to be matched with a therapist and complete monthly live video sessions and thoughtful homework assignments in between meant to focus on growth. Search and download  “Passport Journeys” on either App Store and use the code cw39mom at checkout for $50 off of your first month’s subscription.

That and more is headed your way on Houston Happens.


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