HOUSTON (KIAH) – April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. One mother has made it her mission to protect children from being harmed by family violence after the tragic loss of her two-year-old daughter.

Jacqueline Franchetti joins Houston Happens host Maggie Flecknoe live in studio to honor her daughter, Kyra. Kyra was born on April 4, 2014 and she was known for her “fierce independence” and love of Elmo and Mickey Mouse. But in July 2016 she was tragically taken from this world at the hands of her own father.

Jacqueline says Kyra was on a court-sanctioned visit with her father in Virginia when he shot Kyra to death while she slept. He then set his house on fire and killed himself.

Jacqueline has turned her grief into action. She started Kyra’s Champions. Kyra’s Champions is a public charity advocating for nonpartisan policy and legislative changes that promote and protect children at risk of family violence. They raise awareness about the dangers to children and seek changes in the way family violence and child abuse are addressed. Kyra’s Champions focuses on legislative initiatives on the federal and state levels to ensure children and their safety are top priorities. The organization has passed legislation with wide bipartisan support on the state and federal level on children’s rights and to protect children in custody cases.

This month Kyra’s Champions has partnered with OsteoStrong. Many franchise locations will help raise awareness of the dire need to prevent child abuse in the United States and raise funds for Kyra’s Champions activities. For more, please visit: www.OsteoStrong.me.

For more on Kyra’s Champions, please visit: https://www.kyraschampions.org/


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