Oh, My Goat! Goats ‘mow’ grass at Houston Arboretum

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HOUSTON – Forget a lawn mower the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center has good ole Billy… goats!

More than 120 goats will be doing what they do best grazing and gobbling up grass, plants, and invasive species. Just think of them as four-legged landscapers.

The Arboretum calls it an innovative twist on urban conservation management. Guess you could say they’re the goat when it comes to mowing.

You can catch them in action through October 10th as they graze around the North and South Woodway ponds. Just don’t touch or feed them, they’re busy working after all plus, there’s an electric fence to keep coyotes out.

For more, please visit: houstonarboretum.org.

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