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Houston – Before you hit the road, you might want to check out a new website showing the most dangerous roads in Houston. 

In an effort to raise awareness of traffic accidents in Houston and promote road safety for residents and visitors, Potts Law Firm launched an interactive map that highlights accident hotspots across the city through data provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). ). It is currently updated through April 2020.

Through the creation of the website, Houston’s Most Dangerous Roads, Potts Law Firm hopes to do their part in the Texas Department of Transportation’s annual campaign to #EndTheStreakTX. Derek Potts, National Managing Partner of Potts Law Firm LLP, was inspired to create this site after observing the staggering number of people killed on Texas roads, which has continued to be a problem over the years.

“The goal is to alert people and show them where most of the deaths and serious accidents have been occurring,” said Potts. “My hope is to make drivers more vigilant, particularly on the most dangerous roads, which in turn could potentially save lives.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Houston roads and practicing safe driving can visit the site at https://www.dangerousroadshouston.com/.

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