Immerse yourself into another world at ‘Seismique’, Houston’s newest art museum

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WEST HOUSTON – Looking to safely escape reality? Immerse yourself into another world, right in West Houston. That’s where you’ll find Seismique, Houston’s newest art museum.

Seismique is unlike any other museum in the world. The 40,000 square-foot space features over 40 unique, immersive art exhibits from artists all over the world, including right here in Houston. It’s trippy and full of technology. The best part is it’s interactive without touching anything. You can control exhibits through the Seismique app, on your very own phone.

CW39 Houston’s Maggie Flecknoe has a sneak peek as COO and Co-founder, Josh Corley.

Seismique is a permanent art museum in Houston and only hopes to expand.

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