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Houston residents are no stranger to construction projects. In fact, new building and entire neighborhoods join the landscape seemingly everyday! But have you ever taken a second to appreciate the men and women who take on this often dangerous job? I Build America launched “Construction Appreciation Weeks” back in 2017 as a way to highlight accomplishments and to educate the public about the construction industry. Morning Dose’s Maggie Fleknoe grabs a hard hat and makes her way to a local construction site in celebration of construction workers across the nation. She learns fact about the construction industry and meets with some of its local leaders such as Gilbane Project Manager Kyle Holland and Assistant Superintendent Ashley Rhodes  with McCarthy Building Companies Ashley Rhodes.
“The construction industry is really a great industry to be a part of just because you get to see the impact of what your job is doing on society, on the community from building buildings like we do,” Holland said. “When you get to finish there’s a feeling of satisfaction and to be able to put people to work and create jobs for the community is really a great feeling.” “I’ve always been obsessed, looking out at job sites, with building as a kid,” Rhodes said.