Local doctor uses clear face masks to help her patients with hearing-loss

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MEMORIAL – It is the new normal, wearing face masks in public during the coronavirus pandemic. It also creates a new challenge for those who have hearing loss and rely on reading lips to communicate.

Dr. Elly Pourasef, a local audiologist and former Married to Medicine cast member, encountered this problem with patients at her practice, Memorial Hearing.

“I noticed a lot of my patients had a tough time. One actually got angry with me because she couldn’t read lips while we were in the middle of an appointment,” said Dr. Pourasef.

She was able to go on the website www.safenclear.com and order face masks with a clear shield around the mouth. “That way it still covers my mouth and you can still read my lips. And I noticed that helped a lot,” said Dr. Pourasef.

The website quickly sold out of the masks. So, Dr. Pourasef went on YouTube and make her own masks. She shared the design and pattern on her website: https://www.memorialhearing.com/

One of Dr. Pourasef’s patients, Michael, says the clear face masks have helped tremendously. “It has been a challenging time for people who wear hearing aids and depend on the visual cues,” he said.

Dr. Pourasef also has options for patients who wear hearing aids and cannot fit their masks over them.

For more information, visit: https://www.memorialhearing.com/

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