The Art House: West U Family turns house into public art project pre-demolition

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WEST UNIVERSITY – The Smith family is adding some color during these dark COVID-19 times. They have turned the property they own into an Art House before tearing it down.

18-year-old Julia Smith, a Junior at St. John’s High School, came up with the idea after creating sidewalk chalk art in front of her family’s home.

“I was doing drawings for little kids and I was looking at the house we just bought next door and thought it would be really cute to have kids come and paint on it,” said Julia.

She went and asked her dad, Creighton and he agreed pre-demolition. “I loved the idea. I love the color. I love that people have a little bit of an outlet to do art during this time.”

The Smith family is big supporters of the arts and usually enters a car into the Art Car Parade. Since this year’s was cancelled due to COVID-19, this seemed like the next best thing.

“It’s awesome, it’s amazing! Kids love it. You can see all of these cute little drawings and you can see handprints, that’s my favorite part,” said Julia. “I’m just so happy that I could bring a little bit of joy to the neighborhood during these times.”

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As far as the neighborhood’s reaction? So far, The Smith Family hasn’t heard any negative feedback.

Everyone is welcome to come and paint on the house. You are asked to practice social distancing and not use spray paint.

You still have a few weeks to find your inner Picasso, the house is waiting for permits before being demolished.

The Art House is located at 6004 Auden St.

Go paint a smiley face and put a smile on a passerby’s.

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