“That’s unlike anything they described! That’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before!”

William Shatner/Comments Made while in “Blue Origin” Capsule
This undated photo made available by Blue Origin in October 2021 shows, from left, Chris Boshuizen, William Shatner, Audrey Powers and Glen de Vries. Their launch scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021 will be Blue Origin’s second passenger flight, using the same capsule and rocket that Jeff Bezos used for his own trup three months earlier. (Blue Origin via AP)

VAN HORN, Texas (KIAH) — It’s a moment in time that will live on forever. William Shatner boldly went where no 90-year-old has gone before, into outer space.

Shatner, along with Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries, Audrey Powers, made the historic flight into space and back successfully on the Blue Origin “New Shepard” Rocket and capsule Tuesday afternoon. This is the second time Blue Origin has sent passengers into space and back. This is also the 18th mission for the New Shepard rocket NS-18.

Jeff Bezos’ space travel company, Blue Origin, used the same capsule and rocket that Bezos used for his own launch three months ago. The fully automated capsule reached space, before parachuting back into the desert.

Best known for his role as “Captain James T. Kirk” on the iconic “Star Trek” series, Shatner becomes the oldest person ever to venture into space. Bezos’ space travel company, Blue Origin, invited Shatner on the brief jaunt to the fringes of the final frontier, with Bezos admitting, he’s always been a huge fan of Shatner’s and “Star Trek”.

William Shatner with Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos talking after successful landing. KIAH

The New Shepard rocket made its own successful touchdown just a few minutes before the capsule carrying the newest astronauts touch down too! Shatner could be heard talking about how he felt about the experience, while talking to Bezos, just minutes after the successful landing.

“What you have done… everyone in the world needs to see it!” Shatner said after landing back on earth. “It was unbelievable! To see the blue color just whip by then it shoots by. It was so moving. This experience is something!”

If you missed the launch live you can watch at the link below.