Applying for a job? Here’s some tips

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The stock market is humming! It’s a bull market out there. Confidence is high, but so is unemployment, gas and food prices; so let’s just say I think there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors out there when it comes to the economy.

Recent college graduates would probably agree with that smoke and mirrors thing. Published reports say more than half of college graduates were unemployed or under-employed  last year.

But based on my own experience here at NewsFix, I bet more recent grads would get hired today if they would just  avoid the mistakes I see.

I get a lot of resumes, and many times I like to call people and do a quick phone interview on the spot.

It’s amazing how unprepared some people are.

So, here’s some free advice: learn from what others are doing wrong.

Simon Says : don’t be a repeat offender.

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