Are you one of many in Houston with stinky tap water?

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HOUSTON, TX – There’s something stinky going on with Houston’s tap water. For weeks folks around town have been complaining about smelly water coming out of their tap. and it’s got plenty of people steamed up.

The city acknowledges there’s something afoul the public tap, but assures us the water is safe to drink. They say the musty odor and taste come from a naturally-occurring compound in the upstream surface supply and that there’s nothing to worry about. But that doesn’t do much to calm the fears of those fuming about the funky flavors flowing from their fountains.

The good news is that we’re not Wichita Falls. Residents in that north Texas city are all set to begin drinking recycled waste water after years of drought has left their city bone dry.

Yeah, try that on for size.

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