Ben Affleck not running for senate seat

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And the seat goes to….

Not actor and director Ben Affleck.

Affleck says he won’t be running for senate.

The actor said he loves Massachusetts and the sates political process, but, quote, ‘I am not running for office.”

Affleck grew up in Massachusetts and was rumored to be considering running for senator John Kerry`s seat if he is confirmed as secretary of state.

Affleck said his priorities are with a nonprofit group that helps the impoverished central African nation, Congo.

Affleck testified before a congressional committee last week about security in the country.

There has to be tons of people who are glad to hear he won`t be vying for a seat in the senate…

It`s about as good as the news when we heard actress Fran Drescher wanted to run for political office and ended up not.

Can you imagine having to listen to her laugh all the time?

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