Beyonce debuts super short ‘do

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NEW YORK, NY – Beyonce has been ‘crazy in love’ with her long locks for a long time.

After getting her hair caught in a fan during a performance, it’s understandable that she’s ready for a change.

The Bayou City beauty debuted a dramatic new ‘do on Instagram.

Yep, Beyonce has joined the short hair club!

Say what you want about it, but this should really come as no surprise.

Born on September 4th, Beyonce is a Virgo.

People born under this sign are notorious for being detail-oriented and willing to try new trends.

Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace) — all Virgos who love to push the fashion envelope.

Heck, even the constellation Virgo has a fashion star!

Check out the super-svelte pink planet!

Dubbed ‘GJ 504b’, NASA just discovered this Jupiter-sized world some 57 light years away.

Scientists say it’s so far away from its star, that it could change the current model for how gas giants are formed!

See? Virgos are always shakin’ things up!

The ‘cherry-blossom’ planet has surface temperatures of 460-degrees Fahrenheit–that’s pretty hot…but not nearly as hot as Queen Bey!

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