Bigfoot or Big Fake: You be the judge

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DALLAS, TX – Though we’re 6 months away from April Fool’s Day; current claims coming from North Texas suggest Bigfoot is real! Yeah right!

A research team has come out of the woods, with evidence they say proves the legendary tall, hairy creature exists. During a press conference in Dallas, not only did the “Sasquatch Genome Project” allege they have DNA proof of the furry foe, but they also released what they say is “never before seen” HD video of Sasquatch: enjoying a stroll in the woods, and of bigfoot taking a nap-break. Eluding like, everybody, must really wipe you out!

They even claim to have an up close and personal clip of what the researchers say is a female Bigfoot. It’s not known how they know the sex of this supposed Sasquatch, but if you ask us, she is in desperate need of a spa day.

Still, skeptics aren’t really seeing it! So, Bigfoot or big fake? Is this myth real or just man-made? The only thing this new footage proves is that the legend of Bigfoot is still very much alive and well.



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