California woman caught on camera yelling and hitting Muslim man praying in a park

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ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA – Apparently, President Obama’s memo about being nice to Muslims didn’t get to one lady in California.

That would be Denise Slater who went after a group of Muslim men playing and praying in an Alameda County public park.

And, of course, it was caught on camera and posted to Facebook by Rashid Albeshari.

“The people you tortured are going to be in an eternity in heaven,” Slater yelled at the men. “You are very deceived by Satan. Your mind has been taken over, brainwashed. And you have nothing but hate. Nothing but hate.”

Things really got out of hand when a park ranger told Slater she was being inappropriate. That’s when Slater got mad at Albeshari for putting her on camera, then hit him with her umbrella and poured coffee on him.

Turns out Slater works for the California Department of Corrections. The park police recommended the District Attorney charge her with misdemeanor battery.

Albeshari was born in Tennessee, but grew up in Yemen. He said he posted the video on his Facebook page in hopes it will raise awareness.

This California slap-down occurred just four days after the San Bernardino terror attack. And it’s just the thing that the bad guys want, Americans turning on each other.

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