Can a crystal ball help you win the Powerball?

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HOUSTON- As you’ve heard by now, no one won Saturday’s Powerball jackpot.

The Powerball jackpot is now an estimated $1.4 billion and climbing.

Lines stretched out the door at some convenience stores, even though the odds of winning are still astronomical. How astronomical? 1 in 292 million. “That’s roughly the size of the population of the United States. If you looked at everybody in the United States and randomly said-YOU! That would be the chance of getting picked for the Powerball” says Bernhard Bodmann, from the University of Houston.

Your odds are slightly higher if you let the computer choose for you, but if you’re going to pick your numbers, perhaps a tip from a numerologist and psychic medium will help. "Numbers have fractal patterns, that you see them again and again. And most people see a number in their life that’s really important- the number 33 comes up all the time or you have 3 people in your family that were born on the 7th. Those are the numbers that I would use if you’re going to play the lottery. They’ve been important to you before, and they’re going to be important to you again” suggests Diane Gremmel, a Psychic and Medium.

There are 292 million possible number combinations, so if you buy every combination at 2 bucks a ticket, you’d spend a little under $600 million... and with a $1 billion dollar pot, that’s a nice little profit.

This big jackpot has people thinking BIG saying they'd buy things like, "an island, a yacht, a jet to fly my family around the world." But if the Powerballs bounce your way, you’ll have enough money to buy any of the pro basketball teams in Texas- the Rockets, Dallas Mavericks or the San Antonio Spurs. If basketball isn't your game, you could buy 2,000 Ferraris or 18 G-6s airplanes and give them out to your family and friends.

Now you just have to win. “If you’re meant to win, you’re going to win” says Gremmel. You just better hope the universe is on your side.

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