Changing Faces: Grego comments on plastic surgery

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Grego sounds off on stars creating a new look through plastic surgery.

“Renee Zellewegger’s new face everybody!  Wow, she looks radically different don’t you think?  Honestly though in this case I think its for the better!  “It’s not butter” anymore but  don’t know what the transformation will do for her movie career though. Fans are funny, sometimes. It’s that certain “je ne sais quois” you can’t put your finger on that people like. Seems more and more women and men are going “too far” with their facial remodeling! Right?!  Eventually looking like the Joker from “Batman!”  God rest her soul,  you wind up with a plastic face, like millionairess Jocelyn Wildenstein, affectionately known as “Catwoman”!  I was in Ulta Saturday night with my wife, buying makeup for myself actually (you know, got to knock the shine down) and there was a woman in there quietly slinking from isle to isle and can I tell you she was scary looking. One too many botox parties if you ask me!  There’s a creepy look plastic addicts have. You just know when you see it!   I thought the idea was to get a subtle nip or tuck to correct a minor imperfection to improve your god given look, not get a new face?!  And look I’m not against going under the knife, because it can help with confidence and self-esteem, but if one is hell bent on changing completely what they see in the mirror, especially after multiple procedures, maybe it’s time to trade your MD for a PhD with a couch to lay on. And if she looks like Lorraine Bracco as Jennifer Melfi in “The Sopranos”, that’s even better.”


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