Class Acts: Senior Alphonzo Ward has a heart for helping animals

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Alphonzo Ward’s passion for animals started when he was young.

“I always watched Animal Planet and stuff like that,” Ward said. “I finally realized when I was in sixth grade, that there was actually something that you can do to help animals by being a veterinarian.”

The Alief Taylor senior is part of the vet science program at the school’s career center and has had a chance to get hands-on experience.

Phyllis Sams, a veterinary science teacher, said she knows Ward has what it takes to make a great vet.

“He’s just got the go get’em attitude,” Sams said. “He doesn’t let anything get him down. Rarely, do I not even see a smile on his face. He works well with other people, but then he also doesn’t show any intimidation when working with animals.”

He’s already working towards being a certified veterinary assistant. That means working several days a week at a local clinic — while maintaining a 3.8 GPA and playing varsity football.

He said it all keeps him busy, but he looks forward to each day on the job.

“So whenever I go, it’s that automatic connection when I’m walking through the door that ‘oh yeah, I am ready to learn today. I’m ready to find something new, I’m ready to see what the world has to offer to me today with all these animals,’” Ward said.

In a dream world, Ward would care for animals big and small, wild and domesticated. And we know given the opportunity, he’ll make the most of it.

“Whenever you get your chance, take it. You know whenever someone offers that chance, you take it, and when you get in there, don’t be afraid,” Ward said.

Ward is still deciding between Texas State and Lamar for college. Either way, he will be a pre-vet med major.

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