Cold Weather Comes to Houston

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Have ya been outside? It blows!

In fact, those blustery winds blew so hard they knocked out power for thousands of Houstonains Christmas night.

Many people were sitting in the cold and the dark long enough to suck the holiday cheer out of even the most spirited of people!

Let’s hope Santa brought some fun battery-operated toys for those people.

Fortunately, the biting cold didn’t get here until most of us had opened our packages and hit the fridge for leftovers. Other areas of the nation weren’t so lucky.

The severe weather system that’s making it’s way across the country hit other southern states pretty hard. Reports of up to 30 tornadoes in Alabama and Louisiana, leaving two people dead and nearly 200,000 others without power.

People in Georgia, the Carolinas, and pretty much anyone else along the eastern seaboard better hunker down. They’re facing thunderstorms, damaging winds, and possibly more tornadoes.

The storm could drop off as much as 15-inches of snow in Ohio. The holidays are always a bit of a whirl-wind, but this is out of control!!

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