Convicted murderer now a free man

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HOUSTON, TX – One of the most cold-blooded, insidious killers in Houston history is now a free man.

David Port, convicted of killing 23-year-old mail carrier Debra Sue Schatz in 1985, will have served less than half of his 75 year sentence. To be clear, he’s not being paroled. Port is being let go because of a mandatory release law that applies to all violent offenders in Texas who committed acts between 1977 and 1987.

“It’s your calendar time plus the good time credits you accrue, and if that equals your sentence then under state law you must be released.  So Port will have done about 27 years of his 75 year sentence,” says Andy Kahan, victim’s advocate in Houston.

Kahan says the law was initially meant to alleviate prison overcrowding. It was abolished in 1995 but the Supreme Court ruled that reversal could not be retroactive.

Nonetheless, Kahan is not sitting still.

He says evidence shows that port was trying to rape Schatz when she escaped and he killed her, therefore he should have to register as a sex offender, which would at least let the public know where he is.

While that is in the works more violent criminals will continue to be released.

“We have a serial killer, a nurse baby killer named Genene Jones, who is credited anywhere from 11 to 47 infant deaths who’s scheduled to be released under the mandatory release law sometime around the year 2017,” says Kahan.

It’s scary stuff.


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