Critter News: Croc in a pool, cow on the street, and sheep at a roadblock

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LOWER MATECUMBE KEY, FL – You asked for it, you got it. The latest in Critter News.

Dateline: Lower Matecumbe Key, FL, which may change its name to Crocodile Dundee Key.

Imagine walking to your pool and seeing an eight-foot long crocodile.

The pool is attacked to a $6-million house. And no, it didn’t come with a croc.

Dateline: New York City, home to the Naked Cowboy, and now, the Naked Cowboy’s cow?

A cow escaped from a live poultry and meat market during a transfer from a trailer and tried to escape down the city street. But unlike other escapees, like El Chapo “Shorty” Guzman, this cow won’t go back to the barn. She’ll end up on a plate.

Dateline: New Zealand, where men are men and sheep are, well, roadblocks.

Police had been chasing four gas-stealing hooligans for about an hour and half when the driver of the get-away car came across a huge mob of sheep. (And yes, it’s called a mob, just like a flock of crows is called a murder.)

He chose to stop instead of plowing through them.

We wonder if cops heard “Baaad people. Baaaad people” as they took away the crooks.



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