Deputy kills man who attacked HPD officer with machete

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HOUSTON, TX - A scary showdown in southeast Houston Tuesday morning left a machete-wielding man dead and a Houston police officer hurt.

Around 11 a.m., Harric County Precinct 6 got a disturbance call from the Omnibus terminal on Telephone Road.

"There was a male inside who was acting very aggressive and belligerent," said HPD spokesman Victor Senties.

Witnesses tell Newsfix that Deputy Constable C. Pezano was the first to respond and tried to talk the man down.

"At one point, the male reaches into a briefcase and pulls out a machete, waves it at her in a threatening manner and demands keys to her patrol vehicle," Senties said.

Witness Roxanne Herrera says she watched as the man began attacking the police car with the machete.

"He was hitting [it]," Herrera said. "He got into the car and he was trying to leave."


Deputy Constable Pezano called in backup, which included HPD officers.

"During the time that the deputies were attempting to deescalate the situation, the suspect was using the machete to stab several gas tanks and attempting to set them on fire," said Senties.

Horrified witnesses watched as officers repeated ordered the man to drop the machete.

"I was scared," said Herrera. "My knees started shaking."

When the suspect refused to drop the weapon, an HPD officer hit the suspect with a Taser, which appeared to have no effect on the suspect beyond angering him.

"At that point, the suspect immediately charged toward the HPD officer and struck the HPD officer two or three times," Senties said.

Investigators say, in an effort to stop the attack, Precinct 6 Lt. J.D. Rosenthal fired at the suspect. The man died at the scene, while the officer he's accused of slicing got medical treatment.

Police still aren't sure why the man was so upset in the first place, just that he reached at dead end at that bus stop.


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